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    Meet the world at this house.

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    LOCALIFE also welcomes travelers seeking to understand the Japanese culture and interact with locals (which includes you!) through short periods of homestay in the guest room. Until today, LOCALIFE has welcomed travelers from various countries all across the globe. Your perspective of local life is also valuable to those who just get to this unique island.

    (This video was created by a homestay guest Antonio in 2015 to introduce Shinjuku house.)

  • ●Houses

    6 private rooms + Guest room + Common space/Rent 70k〜7.9k yen

    1st LOCALIFE house. Walkable distance to Shinjuku station yet very quiet area to live in. From the nearest station Higashi-Shinjuku, 10 min to Shibuya, 7 min to Ikebukuro and 21 min to Ropppongi.



    Available (#5 74,000yen)

    8 private rooms + Guest room + Common space + Big terrace /Rent ranges from 67k〜75k yen

    2nd LOCALIFE house. 13 min straight access to Shibuya station on Den-En-Toshi line. 6 min to Mizonokuchi sta., 3 min to Takatsu station on foot. 27 min to Shinjuku and 35 min to Otemachi.

    With a spacious living room and terrace, you can enjoy BBQ.




  • ●4 Key Features of Life in LOCALIFE

    1. Polish language proficiency in a local community

    On a weekly basis, LOCALIFE hosts foreign guests seeking to explore and immerse in local Japanese culture and lifestyle by lodging in the guest room as a homestay experience. As both English and Japanese are commonly used in conversations between residents and guests, your language skills can be practiced and polished in a fun, casual environment.

    2. Changing the way you see the world, learning an insider’s view of foreign affairs and cultures.

    “Wow, avocados are expensive in Japan! They only cost ¥3 each in Mexico!”
    “Incorporation of Crimea? Oh yes, lots of Russians welcome it!”
    “Cappuccino is mostly enjoyed in the morning in Italy. Only children drink it at night (laughs)”
    “In Nagasaki, we leave a small amount of rice in the bowl when we ask for a second helping.”

    Conversations like these are often heard in the living room. In LOCALIFE, you’ll be able to find and discuss topics from around the world that may not be covered by the local tv channels.

    3. Living with those who share the same values

    LOCALIFE residents are kind and constantly seeking to have more fun, excitement and experiences. Most of all, we are curious about cultures and happenings around the world. As per LOCALIFE’s concept, most residents have lived abroad. Opinions and thoughts are shared comfortably among residents, including those related to public issues, work, travel, and even personal life. Being a part of society and working hard to earn a living while making new friends that may last a lifetime is one of the benefits that LOCALIFE offers.

    4. Itadakimasu! Savour local cuisine from all around the world!

    A guest from France once made crepe for LOCALIFE residents and it surprised everyone that the secret ingredient that made it so flavourful is beer! The secret is to add a dash of beer to the dough before letting it rest overnight.


    We were also lucky to enjoy tacos made by guests from Chile, fresh handmade pasta by a French couple, and uncountable delicious foods. Look forward to enjoying home-cooked dishes from around the world as a part of the LOCALIFE experience!

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